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We are dedicated to cultivating outstanding mushroom products for all of Canada. The passion that has guided us to engineer optimal growing environments for a variety of distinctive, potent Psilocybe varieties is a direct result of our own Psilocybin experiences.

We believe in the fundamental right of each individual to alter their own consciousness in a safe, psychologically beneficial way.

We use locally sourced and 100% organic materials for both colonization and fruiting medium.

Our Psilocybe cultures are matured in a sterile laboratory setting – an environment purposefully built for the cultivation of this profound fungi.

We take several measures to create the most realistic shroom environment, including infusing ambient air with natural scents, simulating sunrise, rainfall, Wind, and providing auditory stimulation.


Psilocybin mushrooms, scientifically known as Psilocybe, and commonly known as “magic mushrooms” or “shrooms”are fungi that synthesize a number of psychoactive compounds, the most prominent of which is psilocybin. The natural habitats in which they can be found are spread across the globe, and their use by humans stretches back farther than civilization itself.

Presently shrooms are used mainly as a recreational entheogen, with effects including euphoria, altered thought process, altered sense of time, sensory enhancement & synesthesia, visual hallucination, spiritual divinatory, or mystical feelings, and even out of body experiences.

The primary neurological changes elicited by magic mushrooms are; the stimulation of neurogenesis (creation of new brain cells), facilitation of a hyperconnected brain state (theorized to be responsible for the profound insights many study subjects report), and dampening of the Default Mode Network (theorized to be associated with the ego, depression, anxiety, and PTSD).

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A psychedelic experience can be deeply rewarding. Find out more! 

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Microdosing can provide relief for symptoms of depression and anxiety.


You can think of it as psychedelic therapy on steroids, with more potential for healing.


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